Cold Rooms

Cold rooms, Refrigerators

The refrigerators CryoArctic are manufactured in thicknesses of 60,80,100, 120,150,180,200mm exactly to the dimensions you need. They are available with any type of door and can also be equipped with a vast variety of accessories.

All corners of the chamber are rounded by sanitary profiles, according to the European Health Directives.

They are modular. You can decrease or increase their size by adding or removing a few panels. Moreover, it is easy to disassembly and transport them.

The panels we use are specifically made for manufacturing cold rooms. Made with a sophisticated continuous production line, they ensure the homogeneity of the insulating material, the high dimensional accuracy and the very strong joint among them.

The steel sheet thickness is 0,5mm, smooth on both sides for easy cleaning and great aesthetics. It can be pre-painted with polyester paint or PVC pre-coated.

Cold rooms, Refrigerators
Cold rooms, Refrigerators
Cold rooms, Refrigerators

The polyurethane used is of the firm Elastogran GmbH member of the BASF group, with a density of 40-42kgr/m3, with 98% closed cells, free of CFC.

Thermal transmittance Thermal transmittance
Thickness (mm) Conductivity U(W/m2K)17.2
60 0,34515
80 0,26272
100 0,21207
120 0,17779
150 0,1431
180 0,11959
200 0,10798
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